Rectory Court

The Parish Council has created this page to keep residents informed about the redevelopment of Rectory Court.  If residents have any concerns or quieries about the site development please refer the matter to Optivo on 0800 121 6060 who will be able to direct calls to their dedicated Development Customer Care Team.

Update May 3, 2019

Update April 9, 2019 

Work completed since last update

  • Work on cottages temporarily on hold as previously notified
  • Scaffold 3rdlift completed on flats
  • Pre-cast concrete floors to be installed to flats ground floor level
  • Facing brickwork continues on flats
  • Lower Ground Floor shallow roof trusses in place

Work forecasted in the next month

  • Brickwork to cottages continuing
  •  Battening for tile hanging to cottage
  • Latex floor to wet areas to cottages
  • Pre-cast concrete floor to be installed to flats 1stfloo
  • Brick and block work continuing on flats

Update on February 14, 2019

Work completed since last update

  • First fix to cottages completed
  • Block and beam to flats completed
  • Lower ground floor block and brickwork started to flats
  • carpark tarmac base mostly completed

Work forecasted in the next month

  • Brickwork to cottages
  • Jointing and mist coating to cottages
  • Continue block and brickwork on flats
  • Install scaffolding to 2ndlift to flats

Other points to note

  • The groundwork on the flats has caused significant delays as you could see in our previous project updates. The weather has also not been on our side. With that please note the completion of the project will delay at least until December 2019.
  • We will temporarily put works on the cottages on hold (probably from April) once the external skin and internal mist coating is completed. This is because we will have to wait until the scaffolding is taken down on the block of flats to enable us to run services (mainly electricity) to the cottages. We are however aiming to complete the cottages slightly ahead of the block possibly in October 2019. This will depend mainly on the service connections.
  • We are liaising with the Parish Clerk to enable the unveiling of the Kipling statue on Friday 15 February. We’ve suspended deliveries during the critical time so the event can run smoothly. The Kipling statue will be a fantastic addition to the village. We very much look forward to completing our new homes which have been designed to compliment the historical High Street and will be a huge improvement on the demolished Old Rectory court building.  This will be the perfect backdrop to the statue and the map of Burwash. 


                                                                 ** Happy 2019 from the project team **

 Work completed since last update

  • Windows and doors to cottages completed
  • Stairs installed and first fix started to cottages
  • Block and beam to flats mostly done but keeping an access route into the future courtyard
  • Retaining wall poured for flats
  • Started kerb bracing for carpark tarmac base

Work forecast in the next month

  • First fix to complete to cottages and tape/jointing to start
  • Counter battening for tile hanging on cottages
  • Complete substructure to flats – delayed from last month
  • Scaffolding to flats

 Update: 7 December, 2018

Here's the latest update from Optivo:

Work completed since last update

  •  Roof to cottages completed
  •  Block and beam to flats mostly done but keeping an access route into the future courtyard
  •  Substructure and brickwork progressed to flats

Work forecasted in the next month

  •  Windows and doors to cottages to be delivered and installed
  •  Stairs to be installed and first fix starting to cottages
  •  Complete substructure to flats – delayed from last month – see Any other points
  •  Excavate and stone up main courtyard
  •  Planning approval for bricks, tiles and tile hanging – awaiting formal Discharge letter.

Any other points:

  •  We are starting to be impacted by the weather – persistent rain has caused the ground to become boggy which is preventing machinery accessing the bottom of the site. This is causing delay to progress. We will monitor this and manage as best as possible.

Update: 7 September, 2018

Here's the latest update from Optivo:

Work completed since last update

  • Cottages block and beam completed
  • Flats - substructure blockwork started
  • Site accommodation cabins installed
  • Full time site manager in place – Ramesh Swain (Trinity Homes UK)

Work forecasted in the next month

  • Substructure to flats continued
  • Sewer diversion works 
  • Scaffolding to cottages
  • Commence timber frame on cottages 

Other points:

  • Planning sign off for brick selection urgently needed – real risk of site unable to progress unless we receive a decision soon so bricks can be ordered. We are chasing for decision. 
  • Rother District Council tour with members going ahead on 8 November. They will visit a couple of sites in Burwash - Old Rectory should be just a quick stop - Lenka Muir will be on hand for any queries on the day.

Update: August 4, 2018

  • Archaeological investigation completed and signed off
  • Foundations completed for the four cottages fronting the high street
  • Drainage diversion is almost complete
  • Naming for the new homes has been submitted to Rother DC and we are awaiting approval.

Work forecasted in the next month

  • Works can continue on the cottages – block and beam work has started. We will soon be seeing the homes taking shape.
  • Foundations will start to be formed for the block of flats at the bottom of the site
  • Planning sign off for brick selection – we’ve had an approval previously but those bricks have gone out of stock. Five additional samples have been submitted to the Planner to select and approve. 

Any other points:

  • Archaeological investigation has delayed progress on site by 6 weeks. We will be working to reduce this delay but it will have an impact on the completion of the development.
  • The hoarding for our site has been blown down in high winds over the weekend (29/7). This has been rectified and Trinity will be adjusting the way the hoarding is anchored to ensure it can stand any future wind loading.
  • Rother District Council will be doing a tour with members (date to be confirmed but currently booked for 8 November). Old Rectory will form part of this among other Optivo schemes. Lenka Muir will be present to provide background and commentary on the day.

Update: May 16, 2018

Trinity Homes has started groundworks on the site. The company has told neighbours they are working within the Considerate Constructors scheme. Residents with queries or concerns can contact Dan Lawes, Contracts Manager on 07738 788921. 

Update: February 23, 2018

Rother District Council has approved the latest planning application to redevelop Rectory Court in Burwash High Street. Approval of the plan, for 15 one-bedroom rented flats for older residents and four two-bedroom shared equity houses, follows wide consultation with Burwash Parish Council and Rother District Council to ensure the design, build and layout of the scheme would be appropriate for Burwash's historic High Street. Rother says in its report on the application that the current scheme is "considered to reflect the character and appearance of this historic area, while also presenting an acceptable face at the rear overlooking the countryside of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty." A previous application for the site, which has been vacant for over three years, was withdrawn after objections to its unsympathetic design.

Redevelopment will be carried out by Optivo Housing Association, which has 44,000 homes in London, the South East and the Midlands. Optivo was formed last year following the merger of AmicusHorizon, operator of the old Rectory Court, and Viridian Housing.

The site has now been fenced off. Demolition has begun and is expected to be complete by the end of April. Optivo says residents will move in in Autumn, 2019. 

Click here to see a newsletter prepared by Optivo.

Click here to view the full planning application.

Update: July 2017

On the 29th June a public consultation was held in the village for residents to view the new plans submitted by Optivo and its architects MHA.  The session was well attended with largely positive comments about the new proposed plan.  As a result of this Optivo will look to submit a planning application to Rother District Council by late July 2017.

Update: January 2017

Since the meeting on the 22nd October, 2016, Amicus have formally appointed MH Architects to carry out the design of the new scheme. MHA have created the proposal presented at the meeting on the 22nd October, which was well received. They have provided examples of how they previously worked in conservation areas and won heritage awards. Rother planners have assessed this and expressed they have no concerns over the suitability of the architect.

Amicus have now met with MHA and have run through the points discussed in the meeting to ensure they pick this up in the design going forward.  

Update: December 2016

On 22nd October, a joint meeting was held between the Parish Council, Rother District Council and Amicus Horizon to discuss the Old Rectory Court site. The Parish Council was represented by Cllrs. Vereker, Jenner and Moore.

Amicus Horizon tabled a revised plan for this development which involves the creation of 15 units of rented housing for older people and 4 houses for shared ownership. The outline plans showed a different layout from the previous proposal in order to deal with the issue of visual encroachment into the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

All parties felt that this made progress possible and Amicus will now appoint a new architect to develop a more comprehensive proposal.  It was agreed that once this has happened a further design meeting would be held with the Parish Council.  

Amicus confirmed that any former residents who did wish to return to the new scheme would be able to do so.  Amicus will also provide Rother and the new architect with the advice previously provided by the Parish Council on the finishes expected to be used in order for the new development to complement this historic setting.

All parties agreed to work collaboratively to make this important new development a success.

Below are some additional key documents: