Rectory Court

The Parish Council has created this page to keep residents up to date on the progress with Rectory Court.

Update Report on Rectory Court
July 2017

Amicus Horizon has now merged with Viridian Housing to form Optivo Housing Association.  On the 29th June a public consultation was held in the village for residents to view the new plans attending by Optivo, the new architects MH Architects and the Parish Council.  The session was well attended with largely positive comments about the new proposed plan.  As a result of this Optivo will be looking to submit a planning application to Rother District Council late July 2017.

Update Report on Rectory Court
25th January 2017

Since the meeting on the 22nd October Amicus have formally appointed MH Architects to carry out the design of the new scheme. MHA have created the proposal presented at the meeting on the 22nd October, which was well received. They have provided examples of how they previously worked in conservation areas and won heritage awards. Rother planners have assessed this and expressed they have no concerns over the suitability of the architect.

Amicus have now met with MHA and ran through the points discussed in the meeting to ensure they pick this up in the design going forward.  A meeting has also been secured with Rother District Council for 9th February to discuss the proposal with the Planner.  Following this meeting the architect will estimate how long they need to amend the proposal so we can present them to the Parish Council for discussion. 

The Parish Council has been working with Rother District Council to engage with Amicus and the Parish Council a meeting with Amicus Horizon and below is an outlined of the content from that meeting.

Update Report on Rectory Court
16th December 2016

On 22nd October, a joint meeting was held between the Parish Council, Rother District Council and Amicus Horizon to discuss the Old Rectory Court site. The Parish Council was represented by Cllrs. Vereker, Jenner and Moore.

Amicus Horizon tabled a revised plan for this development which involves the creation of 15 units of rented housing for older people and 4 houses for shared ownership. The outline plans showed a different layout from the previous proposal in order to deal with the issue of visual encroachment into the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

All parties felt that this made progress possible and Amicus will now appoint a new architect to work this outline drawing into a more comprehensive proposal.  It was further agreed that once this has happened a further design meeting would be held with the Parish Council, this is likely to be in February.  

Amicus confirmed that any former residents who did wish to return to the new scheme would be able to do so.  Amicus will also provide Rother and the new architect with the advice previously provided by the Parish Council on the finishes expected to be used in order for the new development to complement this historic setting.

All parties agreed to work collaboratively to make this important new development a success.

Below are some additional key documents:

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