Land NW Shrub Lane

Denton Homes have appealed against Rother District Council's refusal of their planning application to build 42 dwellings on a site to the north west of Shrub Lane.   Please click here for the Appeal documents.

PLEASE NOTE - The Appeal date has just been chaned to the 8th January 2018.  The location is still Bexhill Town Hall but the Parish Council has resubmitted their request for the inquiry to be held locally in Burwash.

Appeal Update

Burwash Parish Council applied successfully for Rule 6 Status.  With “Rule 6 status” the Parish Council will be considered to be a main party. We will be sent copies of the documents sent to the Planning Inspectorate by the other main parties (eg. the applicant/appellant, the local planning authority and any other Rule 6 parties). The Parish Council will be entitled to appear at the inquiry and to cross-examine other parties.

The inquiry is set to begin on the 23rd October for a maximum of eight days.  The inquiry will not take place on Mondays or Fridays.  The current location for the inquiry is Bexhill Town Hall but the Parish Council has asked that a local venue be considered.

Background documentation

Here are documents relating to the site that have either been sent to the Parish Council or displayed at public meetings.


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