High Street

This page features updates and background information on Parish Council and residents' activity to improve safety on the so-called pinch-point on the A265, High Street in Burwash village.

Please meet us, says the Parish Council

Responding to overwhelming calls from residents for road traffic calming measures to stop lorries and other vehicles mounting the pavement on the High Street, Parish Council Chair Betty McBride MBE has written to the Leader of East Sussex County Council renewing calls for a meeting and offering an opportunity to "walk the site" with residents and officials to highlight the dangers and seek solutions. 

Click here to see the full letter.

Outsiders Update

The Outsiders residents group, who are campaigning for road safety measures on the High Street met this week to discuss:

  • Safety campaign progress
  • Who to lobby  - and how
  • Local Speedwatch

An online village "evidence diary" has been launched to support the case for new safety measures. The group  want to hear from residents who have experienced dangerous traffic moments. Please use this link to a form which will help build up the vital evidence we need.


Every picture tells a story ...

An ITV Meridian news item on the traffic crisis (21 May) featured a statement from East Sussex County Council (ESCC). The statement promised that, following the submission of a petition from Burwash residents, a second assessment of road safety conditions on the High Street is to be carried out.

The first ESCC assessment found that Burwash High Street did not meet the criteria for road safety improvement funding. 


Burwash Parish councillor Natalie Crabtree presented a letter with over 600 signatories to the Chairman of East Sussex County Council.  She was accompanied by Burwash villagers George McAllister, Hilary Stewart and David Cowell, with Rev. Graham Lewis (St Philip's church, Burwash Weald) and local County Councillor John Barnes.

The petition letter calls on the County  to take urgent action to protect them from lorries mounting the pavement. The people of Burwash face daily threats-to-life if their houses are on - or they use - the pavement at the pinch-pointClick HERE to read the letter from residents.


Meanwhile, Burwash Parish Council still awaits an emergency meeting with East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

The ESCC's initial response to the Parish Council's call for a meeting resulted in a point-by-point rebuttal from residents at the recent BIG ISSUES Parish Assembly meeting in the Village Hall. 

The Parish Council has been told that the 600-strong petition calling for urgent traffic calming measures will be considered at the East Sussex County Council Lead Member Communities and Safety meeting in July 2018.

Read a copy of the original call to ESCC to act. The letter includes shocking photographic evidence of the "life-threatening daily dangers" faced by residents.

The campaign to protect residents living on the pinch-point  on the High Street was on the Front Page of the Battle Observer recently, and featured in the Sussex Express as well as ITV Meridian News. 


For a full list of events this month, please click here to go to the Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via burwashweb@gmail.com