Parish Council


Full Council Meeting -  April 9th at Burwash Common Pavilion - Agenda TBC

Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer: Jane Clarke

Address: PO Box 61, Etchingham, TN19 7YZ
Telephone: 07854 699518

Elections 2nd May 2019

There will be local elections on the 2nd May.  For futher details please click here.

Rolling Plan

The Parish Council has agreed an outline plan of activity for 2019 and beyond - and the plan is heavily  focused on developing our commmunity. There'll be work to establish a Community Hub - and a feasibility study on a Community Bus for the parish. The Council will develop a Welcome Pack for new residents and step up its parish maintenance programme.  There'll be more partnership working with local residents' groups and associations and a continuing emphasis on traffic calming measures. Please click here to view the outline plan.

Parish Councillors

ChairCllr Betty McBride, MBE

Committees: HR, Planning, Finance

Portfolio: Car Park, Traffic, Website

Contact: 01435 883615



Vice-Chair - Cllr Steve Moore

Committees: HR, Planning, Finance

Portfolio: Fetes, Housing, Parish Promotion, Neighbourhood Plan

Contact: 01435 882918


Chair of Planning - Cllr Ijon Jenner

Committees: Planning

Portfolio: Footpaths, Highways, Strengthing Local Realtions

Contact: 01435 882045



Cllr David Vereker

Committees: Planning 

Portfolio: Car Park, Tree Warden, War Memorials

Contact: 01435 882621



Cllr John Beeston

Committees: Planning

Portfolio: Down Meadow




Cllr Jason Caulkin

Committees: Planning

Portfolio: Police and Community Safety and PCSO Liasion 

Contact: 01435 883269



Cllr Bob Franklin



Contact: 07802771329



Cllr Julian Kenny

Committees: HR

Portfolio: Dark Skies, Down Meadow, Neighbourhood Plan

Contact: 01435 883390



Cllr Andrew Mann

Committees: HR, Planning

Portfolio: Lime Trees, Neighbourhood Plan

Contact: 07931388290



Cllr Peter Pope

Committees: Finance, Planning

Portfolio: Drains, Grit Bins, Footpaths, Highways, Strengthing Local Relations

Contact: 01435 882566


Cllr Ian Rees

Committees: Planning

Portfolio: Neighbourhood Plan, Social Media

Contact: 01435 882566

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park.  This can be subject to change and notices of all meetings will be on the website and noticeboards.  The Press and public are welcome and are encouraged to attend all meetings. Members of the public may ask about any matter of public concern and there is 15 minutes set aside at the beginning of each meeting for this.  If you let the Clerk know about your query the day before the meeting, it may help with a speedy response. 

Please note meetings will be held at The Pavilion, Burwash Common in February, April, August and October each year.

Members of the public may ask about any matter of public concern, there will be 15 minutes allowed at beginning of each meeting for this.  All items are requested to be given to the Clerk at a minimum of 24 hours before the meeting.

Agendas are published each month three clear days before the meeting.  All minutes and agendas can also be viewed at:

2018/19 Full Council Meetings

Date Venue
9th April 2019 The Pavilion, Burwash Common
14th May 2019 The Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park
11th June 2019 The Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park
9th July 2019 The Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park
13th August 2019 The Pavilion, Burwash Common
10th September 2019 The Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park
8th October 2019 The Pavilion, Burwash Common
12th November 2019 The Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park
10th December 2019 The Parish Room (Internet Room), The Bear Car Park


Burwash has paid tribute to a much-loved parish councillor. 
Family and friends of the late Mrs Jacky Nash gathered in the High Street in November 2018 to unveil a plaque and dedicate one of the village's unique Lime Trees in her memory. Jacky's son Richard Huggett said: "My mother loved Burwash and we are all so proud of what she did."

Parish Council Chair Betty McBride said: "One of Jacky's  greatest contributions to the village was the launch of the Lime Tree adoption scheme which brings together preservation of the trees and community involvement. She was in every sense the inspiration for Love Burwash Day - as founder and key organiser."

The plaque in her memory is beneath a Lime Tree outside Alma House, opposite The Bear pub.