Parish Council

Next Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday 12th December - 7pm @ Internet Cafe (Bear Car Park) 

Click here for agenda - decemberagenda2017.doc

Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday 14th November - 7pm at the Internet Cafe (Bear Car Park) All are welcome

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Burwash Planning Committee Meeting - Monday 25th September at 6.30pm at the Pavilion, Swan Meadow. Please click here for the agenda.
Burwash Parish Extraordinary General Meeting - Monday 25th September at 7pm at the Pavilion, Swan Meadow. Please click here for the agenda.
Burwash Finance Committee Meeting - Tuesday 26th September at 7pm at the Parish Room (Internet Resource), the Bear Car Park.  Please click here for the agenda.
Burwash Parish Full Council Meeting - Tuesday 10th October at 7pm at the Pavilion, Burwash Common.  Agenda TBC.

Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Locum Clerk and RFO: Paulette Barton
Address: PO Box 61, Etchingham, TN19 7YZ
Telephone: 01580 819048

Casual Vacancy

The Parish Council currently has one causual vacancy.  In accordance with Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a CASUAL VACANCY has occurred in the office of PARISH COUNCILLOR with Burwash Parish Council due to the resignation of Cllr Jacky Nash. Please click here for full details.

Parish Councillors


Councillor David Vereker – Chairman of Full Council

Phone: 01435 882621


Responsibilities: Planning, Finance, HR, Tree Warden, War Memorial, Strengthening Local Relations Meetings

Register of Interests


Councillor Betty McBride MBE – Vice Chair of Full Council

Phone: 01435 883615

Responsibilities: Planning, Finance, HR, Parish Promotion

Register of Interests



Councillor Ijon Jenner – Chairman Planning Committee

Phone: 01435 882045


Responsibilities: Planning, Footpaths, Highways (verges, pavements and signage), Grit bins, Strengthening Local Relations 

Register of Interests



Councillor Greg Durrant - Chairman of HR Committee

Phone: 07920 163245


Responsibilities: Planning, HR, Neighbourhood Plan, Traffic, Parking, Parish Maintenance, Land and Property Managed by Rother

Register of Interests



Councillor Caulkin

Phone: 01435 883269 or 07887 843540

Responsibilities: Planning, Community Safety and PCSO/Police Liaison, Community Hub, Website 

Register of Interests



Councillor Natalie Crabtree

Phone: 01435 882635 or 07808 011967


Responsibilities: Community Speed Watch, Community Hub, Parking, Traffic, Young People

Register of Interests



Councillor Karen Dixon

Phone: 01435 884031


Responsibilities: Finance, Planning

Register of Interests



Councillor Lesley Elmslie

Phone: 01435 883510 or 07818 648038


Responsibilities: Planning, Finance, HR, Internet Resource, Community Hub, Neighbourhood Plan, RALC

Register of Interests



Councillor Julian Kenny

Phone: 01435 88390


Responsibilities: Neighbourhood Plan

Register of Interests



Councillor Steve Moore

Phone: 01435 882918

Email: TBC

Responsibilities: Planning, Finance, Housing, Neighbourhood Plan, Parish Maintenance, Parish Promotion

Register of Interests


Councillor Peter Pope

Phone: 01435 882566

Responsibilities: Planning, Footpaths, Highways (verges, pavements and signage), Grit Bins, Strengthening Local Relations Meetings, RTAG Meetings

Register of Interests

Parish Council Meetings

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Internet Resource/Parish Office in the public car park near the Bear Inn, or at The Pavilion in Burwash Common.  Press and public are invited to all meetings.  The public is not allowed to take part, or speak at the meetings. However, there will be 15 minutes allowed at beginning of each meeting for members of the public to be allowed to ask about any matter of public concern.  All items should be given to the Clerk at a minimum of 24 hours before the meeting.

Agendas for monthly Parish Council meetings are located on the two public Notice Boards located by the small Parish Office and on the triangle at Burwash Common as well as on this website.  Full council meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.  The Agenda for each meeting is put up three clear working days before the meeting and the most current agenda will be displayed at the top of this page.

If any member of the public wishes the Council to consider any particular matter, they can email the Clerk of the Council (email address above) and the item can be considered to be added to the Council Agenda for discussion at the next meeting.  The Agenda is published each month three clear working days before of the forthcoming meeting.  Items would need to be in time for this.

The confirmed minutes of Parish Council meetings for the current year are available as downloads - Minutes 2017.  For previous years please go to the Archived Minutes section.

Meeting Schedule for 2017 all the below meetings start at 7pm

Date Venue
10th October The Pavilion, Burwash Common
14th November Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
12th December Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park

 Meeting Schedule for 2018 all the below meetings start at 7pm

Date Venue
16th January Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
13th February The Pavilion, Burwash Common
13th March Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
10th April The Pavilion, Burwash Common
8th May Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
12th June Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
10th July  Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
14th August The Pavilion, Burwash Common
11th September Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
9th October The Pavilion, Burwash Common
13th November Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park
11th December Parish Room (Internet Resource), The Bear Car Park

Who's responsible for what?

Local services are delivered by one of three levels of local government - East Sussex County Council, Rother District Council or Burwash Parish Council.  If you have a problem or query regarding any of the services listed please contact the appropriate authority directly.  The Parish Council is unable to deal with problems that fall outside its specific statutory responsibilities, for example, we cannot address problems regarding rubbish collection; that would be the responsibility of Rother District Council.

Contact details for ESCC and Rother DC are shown on the Useful Links page of this website. Services provided by East Sussex County Council include:

  • education
  • social services
  • roads and transport including parking and traffic calming
  • waste disposal
  • economic development
  • countywide planning and the environment
  • protecting the public
  • libraries

Rother District Council provides many services, including:

  • rubbish collection
  • environmental health
  • tourism
  • leisure and amenities
  • planning permission and building control
  • housing-needs services
  • collection of council tax

Burwash Parish Council is responsible for a limited number of services including:

  • bus shelters
  • allotments
  • grants for local projects/organisations
  • maintaining Downs Meadow and Hornbeam Meadow
  • traffic calming measures
  • war memorial maintenance
  • community internet resource
  • community website

Although lying outside its specific responsibilities, Burwash Parish Council is invited to comment on planning applications submitted within the Parish. While the Parish Council comments on all applications, we must emphasise that the ultimate decision regarding any planning application rests with Rother District Council. If you have comments and/or individual objections to any planning application they should be directed in writing to Rother DC.

For more details of local planning applications visit the Rother Planning and Building Control Portal or click here.