Burwash Village Hall


8.00pm on Tuesday 12th March 


We have further problems around the two beautiful Oriel windows at the front of the Main Hall. An inspection in mid-December revealed significant mould and moisture problems within the Secondary Glazing, meaning that our replacement project must happen sooner than we had hoped! We shall be applying for planning approval in the coming months.

 The ground floor Oriel style large timber windows at the front of the main hall are at least 112 years old, the hall having been completed in 1907. The softwood timber then would have been properly seasoned and therefore has lasted very well. Time and weather is now taking its toll and sections have rotted and been repaired with new timber scarfed in or two pack epoxy resin repairs undertaken.

The secondary glazing was installed approximately 15 years ago to help reduce traffic noise and assist with some heat retention: however the seals to the glazing have now deteriorated. This in turn is having an adverse effect on the internal timber.

It is intended to replace these windows with double glazed units but otherwiseon a like-for-like basis using a modern timber called Accoya. This is considered to be the best wood for external windows and doors and it is guaranteed not to rot or noticeably swell for at least 50 years, if treated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

This plainly affects the urgency and value (now projected as £30,000+) of our project. In the last 10 years we have managed to raise our own funds, with help from Burwash Parish Council and our very loyal village supporters, for all the major works which have been carried out. This time we shall be applying for external funding. We are launching our appeal this month!

If you would like to make a donation, and wish to donate on-line, our bank details are NatWest, sort code: 60-10-30, account number 60863463. Please mark the transfer BVH ‘Windows Appeal’.

We thank everyone for their support of our beautiful Village Hall, which was built and is maintained for the benefit of the residents of our lovely village. 

 Our fund-raising plans for 2019 include:

 Mary’s Soup Lunch which will be held in the Hall on 28th February

 Quiz Evening in the Hall on Saturday 13th April

 Burwash Open Gardens, our major fundraiser which we hold every other June:

the next will be on Sunday 23rd June 2019.

 Annual Lottery with prizes of £100, £50 and £30, 

which will be drawn at Burwash Open Gardens.

 Please put these events in your diary now.

Whist Evenings are held in the Hall on the first Thursday of each month. The next three will be on 7th February, 7th March and 4th April. The evenings start promptly at 7pm.

Our Village Hall AGM is planned for 12th March starting at 8pm. Please do come along and let us hear your thoughts on the future of your Village Hall, or contact me at shirley@bowzell.co.uk or on 01435 882497.

If you need details on booking the hall, contact Peter Angove at p.angove3288@btinternet.com or 01435 883288

Registered Charity No: 305350 


Would you like to join the friendly village hall Management Committee? They are all volunteers working to improve Village Hall facilities for hirers and user groups. 

Many visitors comment on how lucky we are to have such a well-maintained, welcoming facility in Burwash - and thanks are largely due to the work of these volunteers. Please contact Shirley if you are interested in joining them. 


List A - local clubs/groups/societies

Session                                               Main Hall    Meeting Room

Sunday 9am - Friday 6pm
9am-1pm                                                  £22                        £12
1pm-6pm                                                  £27                       £13
6pm-11.45pm                                           £31                       £16

Friday 6pm - Saturday 11.45pm
6pm -11.45pm                                         £34                       £17
9am - 1pm                                               £24                       £12
1pm - 6pm                                               £29                       £15

2 hour meetings £7

List B - Private,commercial,political use

Session                                                    Main Hall          Meeting Room

Sunday 9am - Friday 6pm 
9am-1pm                                                         £39                        £19
1pm-6pm                                                        £49                        £24
6pm-11.45pm                                                 £57                        £28

Friday 6pm - Saturday 11.45pm 
9am - 1pm                                                      £52                        £27
1pm - 6pm                                                      £67                        £33
6pm-11.45pm                                                £77                        £38

Children's Party for under 12 years old     £36 (up to four hours)

Supplementary Charges

Alcohol consumption £12
Music/dance (excluding classes or keep fit) £12
Car parking local clubs £3 per session
Car parking for public access £5 per session

Deposit for each booking £90

Tables & Chairs etc
Trestle tables: £4.00/day Chairs: 70p/day

For a full list of events this month, please click here to go to the Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via burwashweb@gmail.com