Burwash Village Hall

Registered Charity No: 305350


Please contact Peter Angove  

p.angove3288@btinternet.com or 01435 883288

if you would like details on booking the hall.



Here’s the latest update from Shirley Viney:

For a few years now members of the Village Hall Management Committee, together with members of St Bartholomew’s Church, have provided the refreshments in the Sports Pavilion at Burwash August Bank Holiday Fair. Two of the ladies are no longer able to help and I shall be very grateful for any volunteers. Please contact me for further details if you are interested.       

During August, we plan some minor internal re-decoration in the kitchen. We are busy raising funds towards the replacement windows needed at the front of the building which have probably been in place since the Hall was constructed over 100 years ago. Planning approval will be required and this will be a costly project: the estimated cost at today’s prices is £30,000. Thankfully, the current windows were painted and minor repairs carried out last summer, and this should give us a few years’ grace

 The monthly Whist Evenings continue to be popular, friendly, non-competitive evenings with prizes and light snacks. An evening of 20 hands costs just £4 for each player. The next sessions will start at 7pm on 2nd August and 6th September.

 In April we welcomed YOGA to our range of exercise programmes: this takes place on a Friday morning at 9.30am. For more information ring Anna Gilson on 07896502719 or e-mail mirabila936@gmail.com  This class complements our other exercise programmes with Pilates at 12.30pm on a Friday afternoon and Circuit Training on a Wednesday evening. If you are interested in the latter, please contact Liz Burgess 07739 990062 liz@nowthatswhaticallfitness.co.uk

Shirley Viney   shirley@bowzell.co.uk   01435 882497


Would you like to join the friendly village hall Management Committee? They are all volunteers working to improve Village Hall facilities for hirers and user groups. 

Many visitors comment on how lucky we are to have such a well-maintained, welcoming facility in Burwash - and thanks are largely due to the work of these volunteers. Please contact Shirley if you are interested in joining them. 


List A - local clubs/groups/societies

Session                                               Main Hall    Meeting Room

Sunday 9am - Friday 6pm
9am-1pm                                                  £22                        £12
1pm-6pm                                                  £27                       £13
6pm-11.45pm                                           £31                       £16

Friday 6pm - Saturday 11.45pm
6pm -11.45pm                                         £34                       £17
9am - 1pm                                               £24                       £12
1pm - 6pm                                               £29                       £15

2 hour meetings £7

List B - Private,commercial,political use

Session                                                    Main Hall          Meeting Room

Sunday 9am - Friday 6pm 
9am-1pm                                                         £39                        £19
1pm-6pm                                                        £49                        £24
6pm-11.45pm                                                 £57                        £28

Friday 6pm - Saturday 11.45pm 
9am - 1pm                                                      £52                        £27
1pm - 6pm                                                      £67                        £33
6pm-11.45pm                                                £77                        £38

Children's Party for under 12 years old     £36 (up to four hours)

Supplementary Charges

Alcohol consumption £12
Music/dance (excluding classes or keep fit) £12
Car parking local clubs £3 per session
Car parking for public access £5 per session

Deposit for each booking £90

Tables & Chairs etc
Trestle tables: £4.00/day Chairs: 70p/day

For a full list of events this month, please click here to go to the Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via burwashweb@gmail.com