Burwash Village Hall

Registered Charity No: 305350


Please contact Peter Angove  

p.angove3288@btinternet.com or 01435 88328

if you would like details on booking the hall.



May update from Shirley Viney:

Our next big Hall fundraiser will be a table-top sale to be held on Saturday 9th June from 10.00am - 4.00pm on the front drive of Mount House, by very kind permission of Richard and Lynda Maude-Roxby.

Why not join us for a browse through new and recycled items followed by delicious refreshments: entry free!

Refreshments will be on sale throughout the day and our annual Lottery will be drawn at the end of the afternoon. Tickets for the Lottery will be on sale at £1 each on the day (and beforehand) and the lucky winners will get: First prize £100, second prize £50, third prize £30. Bookings for tables should be made in advance (£8 each table). Please contact  Shirley at shirley@bowzell.co.uk  or  01435 882497 to book a table.  

The monthly Whist Evenings continue to be popular, friendly, non-competitive evenings with prizes and light snacks. An evening of 20 hands costs just £4 for each player. We have lovely padded chairs too, kindly donated by Burwash Parish Council! Sessions start at 7pm on: 3rd May, 7th June and 5th July.

Recently the Hall has been used for training purposes by National Trust Batemans and Watts (Nursing) Training and we hope that this results in repeat bookings. Thank you to our regular users who have made adjustments to their use of the hall to let us fit these special items into our programme.

As we have such a lovely venue, it has been suggested that it would be good to have testimonials from users, and those who attend occasional events at the Hall, to encourage others to make use of our facilities. I shall be grateful for any comments, please.

Shirley Viney   shirley@bowzell.co.uk    01435 882497


Would you like to join the friendly village hall Management Committee? They are all volunteers working to improve Village Hall facilities for hirers and user groups. Many visitors comment on how lucky we are to have such a well-maintained, welcoming facility in Burwash - and thanks are largely due to the work of these volunteers. Please contact Shirley if you are interested in joining them. 


List A - local clubs/groups/societies

Session                                               Main Hall    Meeting Room

Sunday 9am - Friday 6pm
9am-1pm                                                  £22                        £12
1pm-6pm                                                  £27                       £13
6pm-11.45pm                                           £31                       £16

Friday 6pm - Saturday 11.45pm
6pm -11.45pm                                         £34                       £17
9am - 1pm                                               £24                       £12
1pm - 6pm                                               £29                       £15

2 hour meetings £7

List B - Private,commercial,political use

Session                                                    Main Hall          Meeting Room

Sunday 9am - Friday 6pm 
9am-1pm                                                         £39                        £19
1pm-6pm                                                        £49                        £24
6pm-11.45pm                                                 £57                        £28

Friday 6pm - Saturday 11.45pm 
9am - 1pm                                                      £52                        £27
1pm - 6pm                                                      £67                        £33
6pm-11.45pm                                                £77                        £38

Children's Party for under 12 years old     £36 (up to four hours)

Supplementary Charges

Alcohol consumption £12
Music/dance (excluding classes or keep fit) £12
Car parking local clubs £3 per session
Car parking for public access £5 per session

Deposit for each booking £90

Tables & Chairs etc
Trestle tables: £4.00/day Chairs: 70p/day

For a full list of events this month, please click here to go to the Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via burwashweb@gmail.com