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Yellow line and parking consultation opens

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is going to apply for permission from the Department of Transport to introduce Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) across the county, including Rother district. This is a lengthy process and no-one expects CPE to be introduced until 2020.

However, civil parking enforcement in Burwash would mean that all yellow line waiting restrictions will be enforced.

Much of the proposal  focuses on permit holder and pay-and-display parking in Bexhill, Battle, Rye and Robertsbridge. There are also minor changes to existing parking restrictions and a formalising of existing school keep clear markings. Across the County, ESCC anticipates that CPE will:

  • reduce and ease congestion
  • improve traffic flow – benefitting the economy and the environment
  • maintain access for the emergency services 

All council operated parking schemes have to be self-financing - with no money coming from council tax or business rates. Parking income will come primarily from the cost of permits and pay & display charges. 

The consultation on these provisions is open until 14 January. Visit for more information.

Letter from Her Majesty to Burwash Parishioners on her 90th birthday



This page features updates and background information on Parish Council and residents' activity to improve safety on the so-called pinch-point on the A265, High Street in Burwash village.


Have YOU experienced dangerous traffic moments at the pinch-point on the High Street.

Use this link - and send in the details - let’s build up the vital evidence we need to make changes.


Burwash Petitioners have their say

Councillor Natalie Crabtee, with Councillor Betty McBride and a group of Burwash residents led by Hilary Stewart and Lesley Moore, presented the 600-strong traffic petition at East Sussex County Council in Lewes today, Thursday 26 June 2018. 

The petition - which calls for urgent action to make our High Street safer - was heard by Councillor Bill Bentley, ESCC's lead member for Communities and Safety.  Here are the supporting documents used by Councillor Crabtree - her statement to Cllr Bentley, the detailed  response to ESCC's refusal to help with immediate traffic calming measures, the Department of Transport sources on setting local speed limits and photographs of the pinch-point. 

East Sussex Replies

The Parish Council received a letter from the Leader of East Sussex Cllr Glazier on the 27th June 2018.  For the full letter please click here.  The Parish Council‘s reply is available here.

Outsiders Update

The Outsiders residents‘ group, who are campaigning for road safety measures on the High Street met this week to discuss:


  • The 20-is-plenty campaign
  • Ways to inform and educate people about safer driving on the High Street
  • Preparing communications for the August Burwash Fete.
  • A road safety event with Burwash Primary Scool


DON’T FORGET  - an online village "evidence diary" has been launched to support the case for new safety measures. The group  want to hear from residents who have experienced dangerous traffic moments. Please use this link to a form which will help build up the vital evidence we need.

SWAN MEADOW is a fabulous leisure space at the heart of Burwash Village ... and now's your opportunity to give your support and join the 100+ Club of local residents who are raising funds for the field, play area and pavilion. 

Everyone in the 100+ Club gets their own number, and a draw is made each month ... join now and you could have some extra spending money in time for Christmas!

If you use the field in any way - to sit in solitude, take the kids to the play area or walk your dogs, why not help out, sign up ... and get lucky!

Call Rod Clifton on 01435 883 656
 for details.




Every picture tells a story ...

An ITV Meridian news item on the traffic crisis (21 May) featured a statement from East Sussex County Council (ESCC). The statement promised that, following the submission of a petition from Burwash residents, a second assessment of road safety conditions on the High Street is to be carried out.

The first ESCC assessment found that Burwash High Street did not meet the criteria for road safety improvement funding. 


Burwash Parish councillor Natalie Crabtree presented a letter with over 600 signatories to the Chairman of East Sussex County Council.  She was accompanied by Burwash villagers George McAllister, Hilary Stewart and David Cowell, with Rev. Graham Lewis (St Philip's church, Burwash Weald) and local County Councillor John Barnes.

The petition letter calls on the County  to take urgent action to protect them from lorries mounting the pavement. The people of Burwash face daily threats-to-life if their houses are on - or they use - the pavement at the pinch-pointClick HERE to read the letter from residents.


Meanwhile, Burwash Parish Council still awaits an emergency meeting with East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

The ESCC's initial response to the Parish Council's call for a meeting resulted in a point-by-point rebuttal from residents at the recent BIG ISSUES Parish Assembly meeting in the Village Hall. 

The Parish Council has been told that the 600-strong petition calling for urgent traffic calming measures will be considered at the East Sussex County Council Lead Member Communities and Safety meeting in July 2018.

Read a copy of the original call to ESCC to act. The letter includes shocking photographic evidence of the "life-threatening daily dangers" faced by residents.

The campaign to protect residents living on the pinch-point  on the High Street was on the Front Page of the Battle Observer recently, and featured in the Sussex Express as well as ITV Meridian News. 


The Outsiders group, who are working with the Parish Council on the High Street safety campaign, want to hear from residents who have experienced dangerous traffic moments.

Use this link - then send in the details - let’s build up the vital evidence we need to make changes.

When the tough get going ...

The Parish Council has told East Sussex County Council (ESCC) that it’s response to residents‘ fears for their safety on the High Street in Burwash is “unsatisfactory.” Faced with continuing lack of action from ESCC, Chair Betty McBride has told the County Council: 

The Parish Council is now committed to seeking a 20mph speed limit for the High Street, as well as bollards and safe crossing points to protect residents and pedestrians. Click  here to read the full response from the Parish Council.  

Working to protect Burrishers

The 'Outsiders' residents group has renewed the call to Becky Shaw, CEO of East Sussex County Council for a meeting to explore desperately needed options to protect pedestrians and people who live at the pinch-point on the High Street in Burwash. 

The letter, copied to the Leader of the Council and our local MP, is the latest communication from the group and echoes an earlier call for a meeting signed by over 600 residents and friends. "We believe that together we can create innovative and costed ways forward." writes Lesley Moore, one of the Outsiders Group spokespeople. Please click here to see the full letter. 

Burwash Parish Council has also written to the Leader of East Sussex County Council calling for a meeting and an opportunity to "walk the site" with residents and officials to highlight the dangers and seek solutions to stop lorries and other vehicles mounting the pavement on the pinch-point.

Click here to see the full letter.

Click here for background information


... and your privacy on this site:

Burwash Parish Council takes the protection of your data seriously. This website aims to provide a valuable community service whilst safeguarding users’ privacy. Collecting some personal information is necessary if we are to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our community, visitors and site users. 

Please click here for our website Privacy notice.


Shrub Lane - Hastoe development

The Morris Close development by Hastoe in Shrub Lane has now been completed.    

This development has provided ten housing units (eight for rent and two for shared ownership).

All 8 rented units have been taken up by people with a local connection to Burwash.

Useful contact:

Deniz Erdogan - Hastoe Area Housing Manager
Telephone: 020 8973 0444  email


Mr Kipling is coming home

The final model for the bronze statue of Rudyard Kipling has now been approved by the Kipling Society and Bateman's. Casting of the bronze statue, which has been commissioned by Burwash Parish Council and supported by over 50 donations from Burwash residents, has started. Click here for more details.








Residents and friends joined Parish Councillors at the 'Big Issues' Parish Assembly on Thursday 24 May. The Assembly was an opportunity to share information and express views on pedestrian safety on the High Street, the 'Denton Homes' planning appeal and progress on the Neighbourhood plan. It was followed by an Extraordinary meeting of the Council to discuss ways forward on the issues. Click here for more pictures.


KIPLING - a work in progress ...

Local sculptor Vicki Atkinson has started work on the statue of Rudyard Kipling. The Parish Council has commissed the statue, with the majority of the cost to be met by public donation. The bronze statue will be in a prominent place in the High Street. Click here for more pictures. 

Contact i
f you would like to support this exciting project.


The Parish Council has approved a proposal to commission a statue of Rudyard Kipling, with the majority of the cost to be met by public donation. The bronze statue will show Rudyard Kipling seated on a bench and will be in a prominent place in the High Street. If you would like to support this exciting project, or to find out more, please contact for details.



The National Trust is running 'Birds and Bees' nature trails at Bateman's until mid-May. Garden poetry readings and storytelling sessions in the tent are also planned. Click here for details of what's on.


Burwash and Burwash Weald Age UK organises a Luncheon Club once a month, meeting in The Bear. It is very much a social event, regularly attracting around 20 people. 

 There is also a Home from Hospital service especially for those who are frail and have spent time in hospital. This is occasional support and does not include housework or cleaning.

For more information on the Luncheon Club or Home from Hospital service, contact Mrs Jean Plummer (01435) 883483 

Extend is a fun group of 20 plus who meet every Tuesday morning from 10.00 to 11.00 am at the Pavilion on Swan Meadow Playing Field. On offer is a gentle work out, mostly from a chair with a Qualified Instructor.  Costs £3 a session including tea and a biscuit.  Contact Ms. Salmond on (01435) 882 452. 
Burwash and Burwash Weald Age UK were responsible for installation of the defibrillator at the entrance to the village hall. Please note that, although the machine occasionally makes a ‘beeping ’ noise, it does not mean the machine will not function when needed or that the batteries require replacement.
The “defib” is checked once a year, at the annual training event. This year’s training session is at Burwash Village Hall on Saturday morning 28th July  2018, from 10.00 - noon.
Simple instruction, will be given by a trained instructor and there will be an opportunity to use a resuscitation ’dummy’ to try CPR. Why not come along - you could learn a skill that one day saves the life of someone you love!
Why not get involved with Burwash and Burwash Weald Age UK find out more at their  Annual General Meeting on Thursday 24th May 2018

Age uk contact details 


We always welcome new members to our committee!


Chair Mrs. Patricia Ayres


Secretary Mrs. Veronica


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Thanks so much best wishes


Veronica :-)


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Many of our neighbouring villages and communities also have their own websites:

Etchingham Village

Wadhurst, Ticehurst, Stonegate and Flimwell

Heathfield and surrounding parish of Heathfield and Waldron



All contacts via:

Mr. Alan Borer

12 Mountbatten Drive


BN23 6AY

Tel: 01323 417437

  Burwash in Bloom 2015


Welcome - and thank you for visiting our website. Please get in touch here if there is anything you would like to see on the site – or if you’ve spotted an error. 


The future of Burwash Junior Sport and Fitness Club is uncertain - there is only age group now and they are short of members. If they can’t recruit more members, the club may have to fold after 22 years.


Tennis Club report: - They have refurbished the courts and continue to advertise for new members. The club holds its AGM in April when they will hold the ballot for Wimbledon tickets. 


There were no new candidates for committee and all current members were available to stand again apart from Terry and Hannah.


  It was proposed to elect the new committee en bloc and all agreed. Officers were elected, and the new committee comprises Olly Blaydon (Chair), Rod Clifton(Vice-Chair), Kevin Bray (Hon. Treasurer)Halina Keep (Hon. Secretary), Eddie Workman (President), Alan Parker-Read, Steve Bennett, Paul Morgan-Jones 


Halina Keep


BPFA Hon. Secretary




 Burwash Cricket Club reportLast season 2017 BCC played 23 matches from April to September.  The emphasis is on fun, friendly, enjoyable cricket for all ages and especially encouragement for younger players of the villageThere are coaching sessions on Sunday mornings and matches on Sunday afternoons. Thirteen members of all ages of the BCC took part in the Spring clear up. A full programme of fixtures is arranged for this year. Thanks to their committee and sponsors and the playing field ground team for use of the outfield and square for matches. The club is thriving, and they are looking forward to the 2018 season. The first ever BCC match was 28th May 1750 against MayfieldSince then Burwash has only ever fielded one team, this year on one or two occasions there will be two teams. This is because of the Sunday morning coaching sessions. Terry put up the stop-ball netting in preparation of the 2018 seasonPM-J, A P-R, TP




Burwash in Bloom competition  held on 27 June 2015 - RESULTS

Two categories:  ’Residents’ and ‘Businesses’

The three Residents categories include: Hanging baskets, Window Boxes/Troughs, and Front Gardens (which can be seen from the pavement). The cost of entry was £2.00 for each class.

Two Business categories: Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes and the entry fee was £5.00 for each class.


There were 56 entries in the competition, six in the Business classes and fifty in the Resident’s classes (48 from the village of Burwash and 2 from Burwash Common – well done you two!).   A total of 24 front gardens were entered, there were 15 entries in the hanging baskets class and 17 entries in the window boxes/tubs and troughs class.

We were lucky to get Len Bernamont as our Judge.  He is the Gardens and Estates Manager for Bateman’s, the Alfriston Clergy House and Monk’s House.   He was very impressed with the entries and the variety of different gardens and interpretations, from tiny cottage gardens with masses of planting, to more formal designs with clever use of paving and architectural features. He was particularly impressed with the number and variety of tubs, troughs, window boxes and hanging baskets along the High Street.   Well done everyone!

The winners were:

Front Garden: Nick Carrie at Southside, High Street ‘The best use of a small amount of space and variety of planting styles’

Hanging Basket: Doreen Cartwright at 9 Rother View ‘Eye catching, all matching and a good colour’

Tubs/Troughs/Window Boxes: Berry Wraight at Chime Cottage, School Hill. ‘Simply stunning’

The final decisions were very difficult, especially in the Front Garden category so he has awarded ’Highly Commended’ to the following:

Front Gardens: John McCartney at Westdown Cottage, Westdown Lane; Dorothy Waterhouse at Longstaffes, High Street and Heather Toll at Hunters Cottage, Vicarage Lane.

There was, however, a further ‘Special Commendation for Innovation’ awarded to Steve ‘Peanuts’ Payne for The Allotment Garden by the Doctor’s Surgery. The Judge especially asked that mention was given to both allotments (so well done to Maggie Parker as well!) as both allotments were neat, tidy and very productive and he congratulated them both for using ground which would otherwise be wasted. Whilst looking at the Allotment Garden we were informed by a ‘Burrisher ‘ that during the war the whole of what is now the car park and doctor’s surgery area was allotments, so a very fitting use of this once spare piece of land.

Highly Commended for her Hanging basket was Helena Fenner at Yaxley, High Street and in the Tubs, Troughs and Window Boxes category Ian Craston of Farley House, High Street was also Highly Commended.

In the Business Classes, there was the usual friendly rivalry between The Rose and Crown and The Bear Inn.  The Rose and Crown narrowly beat The Bear to win the Hanging Baskets class whilst The Bear narrowly beat The Rose in the Tubs/Troughs and Window Boxes class. A very diplomatic solution!

We think there was sufficient interest and enthusiasm to repeat the Competition next year so we are provisionally looking at Saturday 25th June 2016 look out for more information closer to the time.  Remember the competition is open to the whole of Burwash, Burwash Weald and Burwash Common.   We would love to see more entries from the Weald and Common next year.

With thanks to all who participated and all those who helped with the printing, distribution and advertising and a special thanks to Graham Jarvis for the use of his shop for collecting entry forms.

Update on the rebuild of Block A 15/08/16:

Block A will be rebuilt using Kingspan TEK building system generally known as SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) SIPs are a simple but revolutionary way of building. Whilst traditional construction methods rely on bricks and blocks, or a conventional timber frame, SIPs can provide both a structure and insulation in one. SIPs can be used to create fast-track highly energy efficient buildings.

Video link on how the system is built:

Link to Kingspan TEK brochure for additional reference:

Contact Details

If residents have any concerns or queries please contact John Turkentine - Project Manager on 07917855829 or email

Other useful contacts:

Karen Hillhouse - Regional Head of Development, responsible for managing the development of the scheme
Telephone: 02089730438  mobile: 07590 962109 email:
Deniz Erdogan - Hastoe Area Housing Manager
Telephone: 020 8973 0444  email
Amy Fearn - Rother District Council Housing and Asset Development Officer, responsible for allocation queries and Rother Council waiting lists for local residents
Telephone: 01424 787514 email



Calling all local small business and sole traders!

We want to include as many local businesses as possible in our consultations as we develop the Burwash Neighbourhood Plan. If you run a business within the parish, or if you are a sole trader working in Burwash, Burwash Common or Burwash Weald and have not yet received a questionnaire, please contact Mr Lindsay Green at or 07775 862846.

You can have a FREE listing here on our Parish website. Check on the "Business" tab above or click here to see other entries.


If speeding traffic on the A265 is driving
you mad - help us do someting about it! 
Become a Community Speedwatch 
Volunteer. Find out more HERE