Burwash Walking Football Group

We currently meet on Tuesday evenings at The Ahrens Hall, Etchingham, during the winter months and at Swan Meadow or Burwash Weald and Common Memorial Playing Field when the evenings are lighter.

Kick off time varies depending where our sessions are being held.

You don’t have to be a Stanley Matthews, a Jimmy Greaves or a Bobby Charlton, in fact you don’t need any previous football experience at all to join in.  The only real qualification is a birth certificate* showing that you’re past your 50th birthday! 

 The basic rules are:

No running – basically one foot must always be in contact with the ground.

The ball must be below head height – throw ins are under arm or placed kicks

Non-contact – perhaps the Premier League should try that at least in the penalty areas!

And perhaps most importantly our group rule: It has to be fun!

The sky blues (us) have played a few friendly games against Heathfield and Uckfield, with mixed results so far, and hope to arrange more through the year.

Our social secretary has organised very successful group trips for bowls at Wadhurst and curling at Fenton’s between Bells Yew Green and the A21. We have also had a couple of group curry nights and we had better mention that more often than not liquid refreshment is necessary after our sessions.

*The small print: If you’re 49 or 50-ish we won’t turn you away!

For more information contact Steve Mintram on 01435 882444.