Burwash Walking Football Group


Walking football is one of the fastest growing sporting activities in the country.



If you are over 50 and want to get out of your armchair and dream dreams of a Walking Wembley Performance ... now's your chance.

The group plays every first,third and fifth Tuesday of the month. Sessions start at 7.00pm and last for about an hour. Members currently range from aged 51 to 71 years. There aren't many rules ... but no running is one. Organiser Steve Mintram says it's the taking part that counts - that and the afterglow boasts at the local pub!

They usually play at Swan Meadow - although there's an arrangement to have some sessions at Burwash Common, so call first to find out where they will be.

Contact Steve Mintram on 01435 882 444.



For a full list of events this month, please click here to go to the Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via burwashweb@gmail.com