Burwash Horticultural Society

Click HERE or ask at The Flower House in Burwash High Street for details of the BHS Summer Show on Saturday, 28 July. Highlights include floral art, cookery and photography classes. There will be a raffle and refreshments.



The Burwash Horticultural Society Spring Show (Saturday 7th April) was a great success with 205 entries, which was a much higher number than last year. The show attracted a good number of visitors who all enjoyed the large number of colourful entries on display.

Despite the very mixed and cold weather leading up to the show there were many lovely Narcissi on display, however the tulip entries were down as most have been held back by the cold weather. The bowls of spring flowering flowers were outstanding and we had many entries of camellias and also a large number of hellebores, which was a new class for 2018.

The floral art entries were to a very high standard and it was good to see so many beautiful arrangements.Burwash Horticultural Society Chairman Richard Maude-Roxby commented on the high number and outstanding quality of entries and thanked all those involved in making the societies first show of the year such a success.

The judges commented on the excellent quality of entries (particularly the Narcissi) for a village show, and the flower judge had some difficult choices as he went round all the exhibits. 


  • The highest-point overall winner was Richard Maude-Roxby, with Elizabeth Appleby as runner-up. 
  • The best 3 vases of Narcissi in the show was won by Julia Angove and the cup for the best bloom in the show was won by Richard Maude-Roxby. 
  • The best single bloom in the resident’s classes was won by Lady Margot Sanderson, while Fiona Barkley won the cup for the most points in the resident’s classes.
  • The best vase of 3 narcissi in the show was won by Richard Maude-Roxby.
  • Berry Wraight won the cup for the best bowl of spring flowers and Jane Roope took the cup for the best floral art display.

Cup Winners:

RIED TROPY for the highest points in the show: Richard Maude-Roxby

QUEEN ELIZABETH SPADE for second highest points in the show: Elizabeth Appleby

PHIPPS TROPHY for best vase of 3 booms of Narcissi: Julia Angove

ETHEL ROLT MEMORIAL TROPHY for best bloom in show: Richard Maude-Roxby

MAJOR BEER TROPY for the highest points in Residents classes: Fiona Barkley

BRIAN MORRIS MEMORIAL CUP for best bloom classes 20-25: Lady Margot Sanderson

REG BARBER MEMORIAL CUP for best 3 vases of Narcissi: Richard Maude-Roxby

RIDLEY SPRING TROPHY for best bowl of spring garden flowers: Berry Wraight

MARY BEER TROPHY for best Floral Art exhibit: Jane Roope

For a full list of events this month, please click here to go to the Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via burwashweb@gmail.com