Burwash Ladies Group

 The Burwash Ladies Group meets every second Wednesday  at 2.15pm in Burwash Village Hall.

 Committee members

Chairman: Margot Sanderson 01435 882345
Treasurer: Linda Baverstock 01435 882471
Secretary: Rose-Marie Watson 01580 819037
Social Secretary: TBA  
Other Committee Members: Brenda Woolley  
  Ann Parmenter  

Programme for 2016

Date Speaker/Subject 2016 Date Social Outings 2016
13th Jan

 Ian Rumley-Dawson

 Bird Migration

27th Jan No Outing
10th Feb

 Joy Lewis & Derrick Hughes

Folk Music

24th Feb Coffee Morning
9th Mar

 Judith Kinnison Bourke

Gladys Aylward

23rd Mar Mark Cross Garden Centre (nr Frant)
13th Apr

 Helen Kendall-Tobias

A Capsule Wardrobe

27th Apr No Outing
11th May

 Seta Carey

Lebanon 1975-1990

25th May Michelham Priory, House & Gardens (Upper Dicker)
8th Jun

 Kate Tym

My Grandfather (Johann Gottlieb Fischer) and the German Resistance

30th Jun Brightling Down Garden
13th Jul

 Doone Ellerton

 My Fair Lady

27th Jul Coffee Morning
10th Aug  Summer Lunch 10th Aug Summer Lunch
14th Sep

 Derrick Hughes

 More Heads and Tails

28th Sep Chatham Dockyard Coach Trip
12th Oct

 Martyn Harris

 Opera Singer - Autumnal  Musical Parade

26th Oct No Outing
9th Nov

 Mervyn Carey

 Going, Going, Gone - My  life as an Auctioneer AGM

23rd Nov No Outing
7th Dec  Christmas Lunch 7th Dec Christmas Lunch

For a full list of events this month, please go to Burwash Parish Diary. If you have updates or wish to add details of future events please get in touch via Burwash Parish Clerk.