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Burwash and Burwash Weald Age UK organises a Luncheon Club once a month, meeting in The Bear. This is very much a social event, regularly attracting around 20 people. 

 There is also a Home from Hospital service especially for those who are frail and have spent time in hospital. This is occasional support and does not include housework or cleaning.

For more information on the Luncheon Club or Home from Hospital service, contact Mrs Jean Plummer (01435) 883483 

Extend is a fun group of 20 plus who meet every Tuesday morning from 10.00 to 11.00 am at the Pavilion on Swan Meadow Playing Field. On offer is a gentle work out, mostly from a chair, with a Qualified Instructor.  Costs £3 a session including tea and a biscuit.  Contact Ms. Salmond on (01435) 882 452. 
Burwash and Burwash Weald Age UK were responsible for the installation of the defibrillator at the entrance to the village hall. Please note that, although the machine occasionally makes a ‘beeping ’ noise, it does not mean the machine will not function when needed or that the batteries require replacement.
The “defib” is checked once a year at the annual training event. This year’s training session is at Burwash Village Hall on Saturday morning 28th July  2018, from 10.00 - noon. Simple instruction will be given by a trained instructor, and there will be an opportunity to use a resuscitation ’dummy’ to try CPR. Why not come along - you could learn a skill that one day saves the life of someone you know!
Why not get involved with Burwash and Burwash Weald Age UK  - find out more at the  Annual General Meeting on Thursday 24th May 2018


For helpful information on issues facing older people please visit Age UK website by clicking on the Age UK logo above.  

Contact the Elderly also works locally supporting people over 80. For more information click the logo.